Core Team

Mr Vinod R Singh
Founding Partner - Business & Finance

An experienced leader in security & manpower services with strong engineering, media, & government liaison background; he has a unique flair of ‘getting the job done’ with a never-say-die attitude ! In 2014, he successfully raised, nurtured & managed the first in our group of companies, taking it to a full-grown enterprise stage, and successfully injecting into its business, a high growth trajectory. He has a rich practical and hands-on experience in managing security operations and crisis management. He has been a pillar of strength to many in hour of crisis and helped avert/overcome them on multiple occasions.

He is an expert HR administrator & manpower service professional, with hands-on experience in managing large, multi-region teams of diverse cultures. His ability stems as People Manager, meeting the needs & aspirations of all the talented personnel he has employed or hired for clients. An excellent manager of resources and talent, he is the face of our company for security operations and customer relationship management. An energetic, well rounded & pleasing personality, Vinod provides the backbone to our organization, and plays a pivotal role in keeping it fully energized, satisfied and passionate for more

Colonel Manish D Kachhy
Founding Partner & CEO

A Military Intelligence veteran with 26 years experience in Intelligence & Security domain. Trained by Israeli Defence Forces & British Defence Intelligence experts, he is a Higher Defence Management graduate from the prestigious College of Defence Management, Secunderabad with a strong, hands-on experience in planning, execution and management of corporate security, intelligence & vigilance functions. He has been the architect of security set-up for a smart city, dynamic open-source intelligence platforms and other human/technical intelligence gathering and big data analysis frameworks for Ministry of Defence, Reliance Jio & Lodha Group.

His subject matter expertise lay in managing global anti-terrorist operations, security threat management, investigating cybercrimes & financial frauds He is a battle hardened, die-hard soldier credited with busting some of the most high-sensitivity cases of information security breach, corporate & military espionage, cybercrime & financial frauds. He brings to table a vast reservoir of knowledge, experience and energy to steer our security & intelligence services. His leadership skills, humantechnology integration capability and professional, high-voltage ownership approach are among the key differentiators or the “USPs”, which set our company apart from the usual crowd of security service providers in the environment

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